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God heals the sting of hateful words

Today, I want to share a post I put out several months ago and I hope it ministers to your heart as it did to mine when I re-read it. Remember, God is always good.

Also, I am working on another project for my blog, I want to share a story with you I am working on. Each couple of days, I will post a section of a book until its conclusion, so I invite you to read along as we explore the life, downfall, and rise of Diana Shaw in “The Frailty of Perfect.”

God heals the sting of hateful words

Talking with one of my friends at one day, she said to me, “I am just a bad seed.” I know she said this jokingly, but I wondered, how many of us truly think of ourselves as bad seeds. Is it that we started out bad from the beginning, and as we aged we continued to mature (or rot) into bad produce? Some people would say that, but their words do not make it true, I want to let you know.

Maybe someone important to you told you negative things when you were a child, like they told me. Even as an adult their hurtful words followed me, and always in everything I did, I set out trying to prove that they were wrong. They told me words like, you will never be anything, you are stupid, and even attacked my physical appearance. Their hurtful words labeled me, and over the years, the poison of their negativity caused me to push myself to always be better than others. However, never really feeling good about any of my accomplishments regardless of how others tried to tell me that I was ok, I kept pushing.
Now after experiencing may cycles in life,  I know that the words they said to me were not true. In spite of how hard I tried, how may degrees I received, how many good jobs I had, or even how many people I allowed into my life, it was only with the love of God through his Holy Spirit that I can now look beyond those word, to feel good about myself, regardless. I am His child and nothing else matters. Through His love, God has even given me understanding and compassion for those that meant to destroy me with their words.
I lived my life with these debilitating labels; I did not realize that they were ONLY words and unless I allowed them, they could not CREATE me. For those that reading this, no man’s words can determine who you are, unless you allow them. Our situations may images33be hard, and some of us may not have the opportunities of others, but spiritually and mentally no man can mold us. My true identity was hidden deep within me and it is within you also. God preserved it there, and only with His help was able to see it, and embrace the person that I truly am. And I love her, you should love yourself too.
I carried some of these labels for many years, however when I called out, God changed me on the inside, cleansing my spirit, He gave me a newness of life. Yes, nothing on my outside changed, and my feeling and emotions did not immediately change. I kept the struggles of life and fought against my on human nature, and thoughts; however, over time these challenges grow easier each day.

God loves you.

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