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Labeled as a bad seed (Hope in God)

Labeled as a bad seed can be terrible for someone. Here is post I did a couple of months ago, I would like to share it again with you. I feel its content needs sharing with others, like myself, and my friend at work. God loves you, and me regardless of what they say.

Talking with one of my friends a couple of days, she said to me, “I am just a bad seed.” She was labeled as a bad seed. I thought she was joking at first, but she did not laugh, and I began to wonder, how many of us truly think of ourselves as bad seeds. We started out bad from the beginning, and as we aged, we continued to mature into, and become bad produce a result of the bad seeds we came from; well that is what others told us.

Sometimes, people called me negative words when I was a child, and even as an adult they continued to reinforce their negative hurtful words; wounding me further with each word that rolled off their poisonous tongue. Words like, you will never be anything, you are stupid, and you should have never been born, or even attack my physical appearance. Labeled as a bad seed.

I have never been a saint, and will never claim sainthood. I did things that were not too nice to others, hurting them. My own thoughts labeled me. I am terrible, and I deserve nothing good, my own secret voice told me. Now, though, I know that these words are not true; I am not that person, and even if I was, God still loves me and wants to help me.
I lived my life, carrying these debilitating labels as a noose around my neck. Labeled as a bad seed because of the words of others and myself told me when I let them control my thoughts; accepting who they told me I was. Nevertheless, in truth, they were just words; hurtful words. No man can determine my destiny, or tell me who I am now, only God.
I hold my identity in my heart, regardless of what others say, and so do you. So, if we listen and let unkind words take root within us, we can truly become who they say we are. I carried some of these labels for many years until I realized that when I accepted Jesus, my life changed and God changed me on the inside. I am no longer, labeled a bad seed. God cleansed my spirit and gave me a newness of life.
Yes, nothing on my outside changed, and the struggles of life and fights against my on human nature continue. But my strength and love for myself grew, and now I know there is a HOPE, and THAT carries me forward.
For my friends that are struggling with labels, as I did, please know that God is there to help you, and just because someone said you were something that does not make it true. Don’t be labeled as a bad seed.

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