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Four-Leaf Clover

Four-Leaf Clover

Another period of sadness has threatened to take away my peace while I write this blog, my mother in law died recently, leaving a hole in my husband’s family and our life. Terribly missed by a lot of people, everyone mourns the loss of the Matriarch of the family. A pillar of strength for the family, no one can help but grieve for the absence of her awesome presence as she flittered about life making sure everyone had what they needed.

Her existence, too, forgone to me, parting the world that I know, divided my mind as I contemplated all of the recent loss, as well as all of the great blessings of God. A condition that at other times would have held me captive to my bed in my own thoughts, and made me forget about the word of God, developed upon me as I lay in the bed. As I prayed, the grace and love of the God, through his Holy Spirit gave me the strength to get up, as he brought to my mind the scripture 2 Corinthians 10:5 (KJV) 5 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Dismissing the thoughts of defeat, fear of change, fear of the unknown, and depression, I decided to go for my daily walk as always with my new puppy. The sun was bright, and its warmth covered me as if God placed a blanket of comfort over me as I stepped outside. The children were playing, and the fresh dew in the grass still chilled my sandaled feet as I threaded across it. In my heart and mind, I started to glorify God for his goodness.

An event occurring, made me think of four leaf clovers and I remembered as a child how I searched for one everywhere I went about wanting to find one desperately, but I never did. I looked up four leaf clover in the Wiki, and according to it, there is only one four-leaf clover to every ten-thousand three leaves. Needless to say as a child and through my aging, I only found millions of three-leaved ones and never a four-leaf one.  Intent on resuming this quest as an adult, I began my hunt again; but this time I asked the Holy Spirit to help me find one. Day after day I searched for one when time afforded me the luxury to look for them, searching grassy fields all over the city; but not to find one.

This morning, the cool dew made me think of my search as other things occupying my mind made me forget about them; I looked down, thousands of the same clovers I searched before popped up at me, only bigger this time mocking me. I argued within myself, “why are you looking for clovers, that’s a child’s game.”

“Yes but, I asked the Holy Spirit, and I know he will help me find one.”

“The Holy Spirit does not have time for things like that.”

“If you do not find one, remember it is not God’s fault. It was you that gave up.”

Finally, I said to myself, “I know,” and looked down and began to search. I knew then I would find one if I kept searching, the day and hour of my good fortune was just unknown to me. Still not successful in the over ten-thousand clovers in the first patch, my puppy pulled me along, and we stopped at the next patch and I hunted. Near the beginning of the driveway, and several patches later, still no luck I ended my search as we walked on.

Before stepping onto the paved driveway, my puppy stopped for her normal sniff routine. Of course, I am no dog expert, and I am sure some would criticize my dog walking techniques, but allowing her to get her sniff-on makes me happy. Gazing down at her, I saw that she stood next to a small patch of almost unnoticeable clovers growing so close to the driveway, their green little bodies were stunted in growth. Noticing something odd, which did not register to me at first what I was looking at, my eyes scanned the ground intently; a clover that looked to have four leaves, popped upward higher than the rest around it. Certainly this was a trick of my eyes. When I got close to it, I would only find another clover directly behind it, its protruding leaf causing me to believe I had found a four-leaf clover. Not so, it was a four-leaf clover; smaller than the rest for this season of growth, but still, I found something I hunted for as child and throughout my life, never to find until now.

It means nothing to some, and also a motive of good luck might have been my reasons for hunting for one prior but this time. However, now, I was not searching for luck, but just to cross something off my bucket list, and it was not my keen eyesight that found it, but it was the grace and love of God that lead me to that clover. Jesus, as my Lord, only confirmed His promises of help when I called upon Him, even in matters that seem trivial and unimportant.

Patience, faith, and hope in the knowledge that he has designed a miraculous plan for our lives is necessary, even when our dreams seem so far away or appear buried amidst a patch of unwanted clovers. It is not up to us to make our own way when we are depending upon God’s mercy and grace, we have to let Him guide us along the path He has laid out for us and then He leads us to possibilities and blessing we never imagined. All the time I searched for the clover, I never found one, but when I believed and allowed the Holy Spirit to direct me, through my puppy, he lead me directly to one.

Hold one, God is still on the throne, and watch and see God work miracles in our lives. For my readers, I thank you for the time you spend reading my blog, and I hope my words can help you in some way. I just want to say, hang in there with me and you will see the miraculous works of God, because I have faith, hope, and belief in His word and no one can take that away from me or you. James 1:2-4 (NKJV) 2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing