Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

God’s Bread, Continuous Blessings Never Run Out

God’s Continuous Blessings Never Run Out

The Widow of Zarepath

“The Widow of Zarephath” tells the story of a woman who trusted in God; through her trust in him, she continued feeding herself, and her son, with oil and meal, until a famine in the area passed. The story found in 1st Kings 17:1-16, it talks about the prophet Elijah. During the time of the story, a famine existed, and God, saving the life of the prophet instructed him to go to Zarephath to meet a widow there. Upon meeting the widow, he found her preparing to die because she was running out of food; she only had enough meal and oil, for one final dinner for her and her son. Elijah asked her to prepare a bread for him, and if she would trust him, God would not allow the oil and flour to run out; it would feed her and her son through the famine. The woman trusted Elijah, and true to his word, God blessed the home, when everyone else around starved.
As I thought about the woman and the blessing that God gave her, I tried to relate her situation to my life. I do this quite often, because sometimes it helps me to see the small blessings that God has given me. So many times, I wait anxiously to see the larger ones, disregarding the small ones that help me keep my sanity. God never changes, just as he blessed this widow so many years ago,  his continuous supply keeps manifesting itself repeatedly for me too.
For me, God has given me the opportunity to concentrate on my writings, and on my blog; allowing me the ability to quit my job, now I have time to work on both. Time seems such a small thing, but it is necessary to do anything well, I feel. I get what I want, and more sometimes; the  financial decrease, right now, is not a priority. God sends unexpected things, money, and people along, all designed to help me, keeping me strong, peaceful, and uplifting me when discouragement tries to come against me.
I am convinced that God will not only do this for me, he will do it for you also. I want to share his stories of hope, miracles, and blessings with you.