Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

God’s Patience with Me

I would like to tell you about an incident that I had, of course I wish I am perfect but I am not, and I must admit my own behavior was less than kind, but the goodness of God, though his spirit, showed my wrong and helped me to understand that I should not allow others to dictate my behavior.
Sometimes people do not listen, and regardless of how many times you tell them something, they continue to do what they think should be done. A client came into the office several times yesterday. The first time she walked into the office, I knew she was one that I rather not assist, but everyone else was busy. She put her paperwork on the counter and looked at me and indignantly said, “I want to put this car in my name.” She did not have anything close to what she needed to transfer the vehicle into her name. I sent her away. She huffed as went away, only to come back with the wrong paperwork again. After having sent her away the two other times, I was fortunate enough to get her for the third time because she was mine now; an unspoken rule we have in the office, if you started it, you most likely finish it.
Grouchy and bold she threw her paperwork on the counter and said, “I hope this is what you need.” I tried to hold on to my patience with her; I replied, “I am sorry you had to come back, but we need all of the paper to transfer the vehicle.” She smirked at me, and glared around the room, moving anxiously, as if she were in a hurry, and of course this was a terrible inconvenience to her. I found out that she had been in an accident, and totaled her vehicle; it was a good thing the person that hit her was not there, continued to complain about their stupidity. I realized by this third visit she was explosive. I don’t understand people like this, especially when they come to you for assistance. Patience and thoughtfulness gets you much further along when dealing with others, I have found.
I continued the transaction; then came the difficult time, almost everyone hates the questions we ask. After responding to two of my questions she said, “I wish I had someone that knew what they were doing.” Me, in all of my human imperfection placed her paperwork on the counter and walked away; it was enough, I allowed her bad tempter to lure me into her insane grumpiness. “Mr. B,” I called, no longer willing to deal with her behavior. “Thank you for just walking away like that,” she stated, “Whatever,” I commented and walked to my desk. Mr. B took my place and I went to my desk and stewed over how rude some people could be. To my surprise, as I sat there my feeling began to change; the Holy Spirit revealed to me how “mean” my actions were.
I as I meditated on my response to her, I realized I failed to put myself in her position. Of course she was rude, but in the industry so many years I know people react to automobile accidents in many ways. My fault, when I walked away, was to copy her rudeness; as a child of God, my father said in 1st Corinthians KJV, 13- 3-4 (love) “Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up. 5 Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.”
It hit me like a lightning bolt what I had done. I could have easily said nothing to her, finished the transaction and wished her a lovely day, or just sent her away. I allowed her anger to absorb me, when I should not have allowed it. So much more could have been going on in her life which made her act as she did, and if I am to love as my father tells me, times such as these should not overcome me. There must be patience. Some people, I have noticed have patience in dealing with others perfected, but for others like me, some work must be completed. God is patient though and helps us along. Jesus died for this.