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Interview with Author Zola Blue

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My guest today is author Zola Blue

Welcome Zola, let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself including where you are from

I currently have a have a blog that I use to post uplifting stories and discuss my personal journey through life which covers topics of spiritual encouragement. God is my primary focus, and so far it is quite active and receiving hits. zolablueblog.com

I am a new writer, and work in insurance currently but have written two books so far and working on my third, a fantasy series. You have featured my newest book Treacherous deceit, and I thank you for that. Others are Porcelain Doll, and the fantasy series that I am working on is The Kingdom of the Mejuar.

Can you tell us about your book TREACHEROUS DECEIT

Right now, I only want to promote my book Treacherous Deceit. My husband and I were watching the movie McKenna’s Gold and decided to write an action adventure similar to that. Several people set out the find gold of legend but only two return.

I love all things fantasy and set out books that provide fanciful locations for readers to immerse themselves into to take away some of the pressures of their life.

What made you decide to write books?

I have loved to write even as a child, It is a desire I believe God placed within me. But like so many other people, life took control and my desire to write turned into a career in insurance. Over the years though, life taught me many lessons, so about five years ago, at the encouragement of my husband, I decided to take some of the lessons I had learned, put them down in stories.

A little older now, and not so many demands of kids and family, I am learning to immmerse myself into my stories, and someway it provides spiritual healing properties within me.

What was the inspiration for your books?

All of my books have a happy ending, although the beginnings might not be so pleasant. It is in writing happy ending out of sometimes terrible circumstances that I try to inspire my readers that life is worth living regardless of what situations they find themselves in. A believer in God and Jesus, although my books are not religious, I battle against suicides and want to give the message that spiritual connections are out there that do good towards us and help us. When we have hope it is easy to give others hope.

What’s your writing schedule like? Do you strive for a certain number of words each day?

I work, so I write mostly on my days off which is wonderful for me because it helps me to think about my characters and locations while meditating on them at work. I do try to write at least three times a week for five or six hours a day, and I find this pace works good for me.

Which writers have influenced you the most?

I have read mostly fantasy and horror novels, but I do love Jane Austen, and the way she writes in 1st person which instigated me to write my first book Porcelain Doll in 1st person. Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and one of my most favorites Robert Jordon, who wrote the Wheel of Time series.

lASTLY, What plans do you have in your writing future?

I am currently working on a fantasy series called The Kingdome of the Mejuar. This book has an array of different races, some old and some new, delvins, dragons, and the feature race, the mejuar. These unique characters possess human forms with animalistic features, coloring, ears, tails, and other traits making them almost god like in their abilities. A meteor threatens to hit their planet Katheon, causing the group to move their village to homeland of the delvins. Along the way, they lose two pieces of precious cargo that falls to earth, and the friendly dietys head to earth to reclaim their lost mewlings, or babies.

The two nests, found by an emotionally wounded veterinarian and his family, the presence of the two small pups returns laughter to the household; however, magic from the neighbor next door threatens to destroy the pups.

Thank you for being my guest today and good luck with future books.