Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

Paid in Full; Payer- Jesus “Keep on Trucking”

“Keep on Trucking” Paid in Full; Payer- Jesus
While contemplating my life with God and his goodness, I realized that through faith and belief in Jesus, I am able to overcome any obstacle in my life. The last few weeks have been very trying for me, but through all the ups, downs, and turmoil I did not expect, I feel God’s loving touch holding me up, encouraging me to go on; putting small things in my path that make me smile. Through Jesus, I received the greatest gift possible, passage into the Holy Father God directly, without any further sacrifice; Jesus paid the final ultimate price.
John 10:10-11 (KJV) 10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. 11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” I always realized that Jesus died for my sins, but over the years, I have grown to understand it was not just for my sins, but also in order that I can experience the love of God and have an abundant life. Overcoming all the bad plans of the thief of this world, that he sets in my path to hurt and cause me pain.
Not only did he die for me, he also died for you. We can approach father God in peace knowing that he loves us, hears our prayers, wants to bless us, and wants us to keep going. Like an old popular song “Keep on Trucking,” we do not stop.thtruc
God is true to his word; after the death of my dear mother and precious puppy, everything has changed for me. They both lived with my husband and me for many years; my mom was my spiritual leader and friend, now I need to find my own way.
Another trial God is helping me with, increasing my faith and love for him. Like Job, a man in the bible that lost everything, it seemed for a while that my losses were to enormous, but God is good. Those things I lost are becoming precious memories in my heart, however God in his excellence is returning to me my peace. I even have a new puppy that takes a lot of my time up to; so I am too busy to be sad. His blessing are flowing into my life. My books and blog are doing wonderfully, and I give the credit and thanks to God. My husband, also who works so hard with the videos and images you see on the blog, I am extremely grateful for. As I wrote before, my life is at an intersection; nonetheless, I have experienced God’s love and goodness and I will allow the Holy Spirit to lead me on from here, to take the best turn, the direction he wants for me.
Some may have not experienced the hardships that I have; I know that each person has their own private burdens they carry because of the harsh world that we live in. It could be sickness, debt, depressions, and others; and some like me, at one time, might have gotten themselves into bad situations. I can tell you one thing though, from personal experience, that God wants to help you with the problem, and encourage you to keep going. He helped me clear up negative situations, and not only clear them up, blessed me in them. However, I had to ask for his help and trust that he was there for me regardless of how it looked.
Now, even more, I find myself leaning on him; I can make it through the day looking for the next to be even better. I talk to God as a friend; he already knows what I am going through better than I do. When I mess up (which I try not to, and have gotten much better, but still not perfect I profess) I ask for his forgiveness and strength to overcome my transgression.
I cannot let my circumstances defeat me, and I hope that you will not either, because in the end nothing will matter our eternal salvation. Nevertheless, today, if we can trust him, the Holy Spirit will help us live a victorious life.
To all my precious readers I want to say, let your faith in God keep going; do not quit regardless of what things look like. Remember the gift of Jesus; hold on to your confidence in him, remembering Heb 4:16 “Let us therefore come body unto the temple of grace that we may obtain Mercy, and find Grace to help in the time of need.”