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Meet the Characters “Porcelain Doll”

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Meet the Characters

Mandy Maison-Eighteen-year-old Mandy Maison, daughter of a billionaire steel magnate, intends to win the ‘Miss Steel Bud’ beauty competition whatever it takes. Her nemesis Francine is the only person who could take the crown. To humiliate Francine, Mandy plans a party to seduce Francine’s boyfriend. By using her femininity and tactics of manipulation and a little help from her close friend Karolyn she succeeds in destroying Francine. Mandy lives a life that only a few of could ever imagine. As well as beautiful, she is also smart and works hard to get what she wants. Quite devious also, if she can’t win by using her wits or money, she uses her charm. Most of her life, she found by using the three, she could get out of any mess she found herself in.mandyHaving a strict father that believed in only education, and an overbearing mother, Barbie, who thought she looked like the Barbie doll; Mandy could not wait to leave home. She may learn that beauty, money, and achievement, are not everything. However, she still has a heavenly father that loves her. Regardless. Mandy’s journey is a compilation of many years of experience; some belong to me, some other beautiful women I have known over the years.

Karolyn Daniels Beautiful, and rich, she is the daughter of an African Attaché. Her father thrown from his job before her birth, after a government coo, immigrated to the US and now holds a job in the government as a military ambassador. Calling her an African princess, her father keeps her isolated from those he considers less than, encouraging cultural refinement and snobbishness, while trying to inhibit her compassion for others. Karolyn is smart, and resists his dominion over her, visiting homeless shelters and those imagesca_019 (2)less fortunate. Unlike Mandy, education is her primary concern, and attitudes of beauty and glamor, she holds unimportant. Mandy’s best friend from kindergarten, Karolyn is similar to her in many ways, and the two of them calls themselves sisters instead of friends. Karolyn’s kindness is infectious on Mandy most times, and she can keep her schemes to a minimum. Other times because of their close bond, she goes along with her plots, and as a Christian, her conscious suffers for taking part in Mandy’s vicious conducts. Knowing the plan of Mandy to destroy her archrival Francine, Karolyn understands its consequences could be devastating, affecting more than just Francine. She tries to thwart Mandy’s pursuit to win the “Miss Iron Petal,” competition. Will she be successful, or will she allow Mandy to carry out her plan, hurting many in the small village of “Parryville?

Francine Ito -Mandy’s high school nemesis. Beating Mandy in the Miss Steele Bud Competition, Francine can enter the Miss Iron Petal competition; this will give her an opportunity for a modeling contract at an exclusive modeling agency, which Mandy desires. Also from a prominent family on the Parryglen Island, Francine is equal in status and francine-at-schoolwealth, and some even say she is more attractive than Mandy. Unable to accept losing to Francine, Mandy sets out to destroy Francine by sleeping with her fiancé Jonathon and emailing the pictures of their liaison to other classmates.

Billionaire steel magnet Howard Maison and his wife Barbie, parents to Mandy, both shape her personality in their own selfish ways. Howard Maison, stern and stoic, believes in education and working hard to get what one wants. His strict nature and barbie and howard_004commanding ways push Mandy to excel in her classroom; hoping one day, she will run the family business along with the young man, Chad Everett, whom he felt suitable to marry into the Maison family. His firm hand places to many boundaries on the carefree Mandy and she wishes to escape the existence of Maison Village and his strict ways. Barbie Maison, born poor, decided she wanted to be rich. Starving herself, and spending all her funds to appear rich, she engineered herself to look polished and sophisticated. Finally, her efforts paid off, and she landed her boss’s son, Howard. Rejected by his family, after Howard’s father died, she eventually pulled him away from his ailing mother, and set about to make herself look like the real life Barbie Doll. Surgery after surgery, she transformed her body to resemble the popular doll; at the same time fulfilling her desires for the pageantry life, she cultivated Mandy into perfection, allowing her to win top beauty pageants worldwide.

Mistress Zerah

Mistress Zerah, known for her beauty and elegance, she is the mistress of the castle Belganor and submissive to the three lords; Lord Markus, Lord Ivan, and Lord Richard. Intellectually brilliant, she runs the castle and governs all aspects of its business, appearance, and design, including overseeing the recruiters of new submissives, as well as training them, Snapshot_051whether male or female. Groomed from youth as a submissive, she has been physically and mentally tutored as the perfect female for the three lords. Maturing, she has grown tired of the lifestyle of the lavish castle and wants to develop a loving relationship with a single man. To free herself from its confines, and the rules of the lords, she seeks her own independence and recruits Mandy to take her place, to become the new mistress for the castle. Will this work for Mandy?

Matthew Yates

Matthew, another pawn in Mandy’s path of destruction. Cowboy, Matthew is down to earth southern boy from Texas that works hard in his own newly established automotive shop he started with his brother Timothy. Simple in his ways, he trusts and believes deeply in Mandy’s love for him, and hopes to gain a spiritual connection with her. Another of the femme fatales victims, against the advice of his common sense, he falls prey to the charms, seductiveness, and manipulation of the beautiful heiress. Snapshot_009