Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

The Book of Matthew

Today is a wonderful day in Vancouver; we have had sun for two days in a row, smiles. God is wonderful as ever, and I want to thank Him for the great love and mercy that He showers down upon me. Receiving my final proofs for my book “Porcelain Doll,” from the publisher, I am very excited for that, and the last novel I have been working on, “Treacherous Deceit” is completely finished. I glorify the Holy Spirit for help.

For everyone out there struggling, overly stressing, feeling lost, ill, or just experiencing a feeling of defeat, I want to let you know The Lord Jesus is there for you, wanting to help you also.

A wonderful movie, “The Book of Matthew,” was referred to me and I found it quite good. It speaks of the story of Jesus and is presented on the Two Preachers video channel. The movie represents Matthew’s Gospel, and is a portrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ and all the amazing things that He done!

The movie is fairly long, but is good and I am elated to share it with you.