Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

The Passing

The Passing

A sure sign that summer is gone, I picked my last tomato, plucked my last onion, and found my last cucumber buried beneath dead and decaying leaves. I find it sad because now I have to buy my vegetables at the local groceries, and I can no longer stare out and see flowers blooming brilliantly giving life to my garden.

A couple of good things did happen when I cleaned up my dying garden, though, I found a cucumber that had been evidently growing for some time, because of its humongous size, and now that I have removed my sunflower heads, they are excellent attractions for birds. I placed the seeds across my back gate and watch as the different varieties of birds come by, and this morning a beautiful blue jay and its mate, I assumed, landed near the pile of seeds and ate for some time. My puppy and I watched the two of them nibble at the seeds; how amazing it is to see them open them the carefully, take out their insides, and drop the unwanted shells on the ground. They never even used their claws, “giggles.”

I mention the cucumber and the birds because they are examples of good things which result when there is a change. The cucumber hidden in the darkness, tucked beneath the thick leaves of several plants for such a long time, a small portion of its tip has begun yellowing; however, the remainder of its massive size was green and firm. The spectacle in this is, if the sun remained shining, providing its warm rays upon the plants, continuing to give them life, I probably would not have found the hidden vegetable and if it stayed buried much longer, it would have been unfit for consumption. The change in the weather resulted in my pulling the dying plant and discovering the cucumber, now, it will make an enjoyable addition to my green salad. The sunflowers, although their beautiful yellow petals are missing, their seeds have matured, and they provide food for animals that live off of vegetation.

The other day, I told my husband, “it is sad that my garden is dying away.” What the Holy Spirit revealed to me is, there is sadness in change, but it also produces life and joy if we allow it. As in nature, change occurs in all our lives. The Holy Spirit also reminded me that, how change is accepted determines how painful the transformation is and how long it disrupts life. Especially, we as Christians should realize that when a change occurs, whether devastating or just an interruption in our normal activities, God is there to help us through it, and with His comfort the alteration happening around us is much easier.

Change reminds of horrible cold winters, and I am sure most people hate the winters as I do, especially those faced with mounds of snow every day; but the winter gives life, a crispness is in the air, and when the snow melts away to give water, it provides a needed substance for everything on this earth. A disruption of our normality is one of the worst things psychologist say we as human’s face, and we are resilient against it, trying with all of our might to fight and keep things as they were. Nevertheless, sometimes that is impossible, and possibly the transformation occurring around and in us might be for our best. One thing to remember is that when we allow God to direct us through our change, whether it was meant for our good or not, He moves us in a direction that, not sometimes works for our good, but always works for our good. You and I may not see it or understand how we will ever feel happiness again, but if we hold on to God, everything works out perfect.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Rom 8:28

Having undergone so many changes in my life in the last year, I know about the changes, and I have experienced some of the hardships that at one time would have left me in a state of depression and on medications just to function from day to day. However, I found a better medicine, the love of God, and through His love and guidance, I have lost none of my dreams, in fact, I will publish my book sometime in November. Look for it “Treacherous Deceit,” wink, wink. And today, I can look in my back yard and feel pleasure even though the weather is chilly and my garden is all but gone.

Most times, we do not understand the change, I know I did not and still don’t, but buried under the darkness of our circumstances, if we just take time and stop feeling sorry for ourselves, we can see hope, if only just a glimmer at first. My garden was dying, and nothing would be left for months but rain, coldness, and icy ground, but when I listened and opened my heart to see it, now I see a part of nature that was not present before. Like the four leaf clover, I found a couple of weeks ago, there was no fanfare or now bright light directing it to me it. In fact it was small and barely noticeable among the masses of other clovers, but when the Holy Spirit showed it to me, it seemed to stand inches above the others, when in actually it did not. So there might not be no outward appearance that there is good when things are changing around you, but when you believe and hold on to God’s word, you will see good start to emerge and soon the whole picture comes into view.

God is good, is my motto, and although others do not believe that does not matter; their unbelief does not alter or dismiss God from who he is, and his desire to help us who do believe when we hold on to his word and trust is his great love and mercy.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Pro 3:5-6