Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

Meet the Treacherous Deceit Adventurers

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The Legend

Situated in the canyons in the Yukon, once lived the Goldum Tribe who possessed the rarest most beautiful gold. Chief Shaw, trying to regain his heritage, sends a group into the mountains to search for the lost village. An unexpected meeting leads to love, and treachery; the gold draws out their darkest desires as the party journeys through deadly mountains and underground watery caves.


In the Yukon, nothing is more important than family. Loyalty to her family is what Mona must face when her Grandfather, who rescued her from death as a child and raised her as his own tells her she must return to the Yukon from New York to go into the mountains and search for the ancient village of gold that is her legacy.
Convinced that the ancient village exists, her grandfather sent his team on ATV’s to find it while commissioning his adopted son Jonas to lead the others, including his cherished granddaughter.
Jonas is happy to lead the expedition while planning on somehow getting Mona alone. His plan goes astray when they are forced to team with four other unexpected seekers, including Bryan, a geologist who immediately falls for Mona and becomes an interference for Jonas. The team overcomes severe obstacles, setbacks, and loss of lives while traveling through water filled caves and treacherous mountain passages.

Meet the Adventurers

Bryan Lawless

Everyone needs a hero. Conflicted by moral values, geologist Bryan Ramdy decides to accompany Willie and Sean in search for the lost village in order to claim the notoriety for finding the village of legend. Unexpectedly meeting the Chief’s grand-daughter Mona, Bryan falls in love with her and vows to make sure she returns home safe to her grandfather. Bryan and Mona battle against the danger of the others, captured by the lust for the gold, and the mountainous cave-ins to free themselves from the from the newly discovered village.

Mona Shaw

Mona, the granddaughter of Chief Shaw, raised in a dysfunctional family, lost her mother to pneumonia complicated by drug usage, while a still a young child. Raised by her only living relative, a first nations chief of a village in the Yukon, she grows into a strong-willed successful female. From the depths of her childhood anguish, she wrote a number one best seller and left her humble beginnings, Chilla Falls, Yukon, for a successful career as a writer in New York City. Returning home, to help her gpa locate the lost village of their ancestry, and reclaim their heritage, she joins a group of seven other adventures that are looking for the wealth, status, and power the gold of the lost village offered. Unexpectedly, she falls in love with Bryan, a geologist searching for the notoriety the discovery of the lost village would provide, and the two of them form a bond. Taxing her psychical and mental abilities, Mona journeys through treacherous mountains and caves seeking out the village, along with the others. Finally, she is forced to join in with Bryan, and two of them protect each other from the bloody carnage as the hunger for the gold feeds off their darkness.

Willie Jones

Wanted by the FBI, former stockbroker Willie Jones flees his home, and leaving Florida, he traveled to the frozen Canadian north while recklessly spending the hard earned money he stole from his elderly clients. Finally broke, Willie ends up in the Northwest Territories, and landing in jail, he meets Sean, who becomes his trusted companion and friend and the two of the move to the Yukon in search of the Yukon Gold. Finding a sliver of the rare gold, Willie enlists the help of the local geologist and the groups sets out on the adventures. True to his flirtatious nature, his suave personality and good looks he has no difficulty seducing the geologist’s assistant Tracy, causing problems from the start of the journey.





Jonas Lee
After his mother had run off with an American Hydro-man, and his father jailed for the murder of a minor, Chief Shaw adopted the desolate, hungry young boy. Jonas resided in the small village of Chilla Falls, blended in with the community, and over the years he became a highly-favored member and skilled rescue tracker; all while disguising the hate he held for the community.
Unknown to any of the villagers, Jonas has a peculiar lifestyle, one which conflicts with the sacred values of life the small community possesses. Living deep in the woods near the small village, he satiates his anger and sexual deviance through the violent acts he commits in his playhouse targeting female locals, and lonely women hitchhikers that travel along the Alaska Highway.
Since a child, Jonas possesses a longing desire for the Chief’s granddaughter, Mona, and the surprise call instructing him to accompany her into the northern mountains delights him. Finally, alone with Mona, Jona expects to exact his revenge for her failure to return his love, and for the death of his innocent father. Jonas knew his father was no murderer.




Wayne Bley

Wayne, a strong First Nation’s warrior, he has vowed to protect Mona, heiress to the gold of the village. A strong loyalty and commitment to Chief Shaw, he is committed to follow the village’s overseer regardless of the consequences.