Words of Hope and Faith for the Weary

Treacherous Deceit Preview

In the Yukon, nothing is more important than family. This is what Mona must face when her Grandfather, who rescued her from death as a child and raised her as his own, tells her she must return to the Yukon from her New York apartment to go into the mountains and search for an ancient city of gold that is her legacy.

Chief Shaw, her Grandfather, has become aware of the mystical gold when honeymooners brought a piece by his diner and showed it to him. Convinced now that the ancient city exists he sends his team on ATV’s to find it; his adopted son Jonas to lead them the others including his cherished granddaughter.

Jonas is happy to lead the expedition while planning on somehow getting Mona alone. His plan goes astray when they are forced to team with four more including Bryan, the geologist who immediately falls for Mona and becomes a huge interference. The team overcome severe obstacles and setbacks along the way but make it to the golden city through water filled caves.

Now the truth hurts when they discover that the long standing legend of not being able to take the gold is true. The gold sickens their minds, and the exposure to the metal, Bryan suspected, made them lose all reason and try escaping with the forbidden gold. Mona and her new hero Bryan fight together to save each other from Jonas while leaving the gold behind forever as they try to escape flooding caverns.